Pacifici & Brooks 


Leaving Brittany John Cunningham (05:59) 

               Lead guitars: Caesar Pacifici 

               Rhythm guitar, piano, bass: Brian Brooks 

               Hammer Dulcimer: Malcolm Dalglish 

               Background vocals: J .P. Hartmann 

The May Morning Dew (07:04) 

               Vocals by Clare Brooks 

               Acoustic guitar, whistle, keyboards, bass: Brian Brooks 

               Electric and acoustic guitars: Caesar Pacifici 

 Sliabh Russel / Jenny’s Favorite (05:37) 

               Rhythm guitar, whistle: Brian Brooks 

               Lead and rhythm guitar, bodhran: Caesar Pacifici 

               Flamenco guitar: Jared Newman 

               Finger cymbals: Christina Collins 

Leaf in the Breeze (04:06) 

               Music and lyrics by Brian Brooks 

               Vocals, acoustic and electric guitar, keyboards, whistle, bass: Brian Brooks

               Acoustic and electric guitar: Caesar Pacifici 

A Fig for A Kiss / Rolling in the Barrel (04:39) 

               Lead guitars, bodhran: Caesar Pacifici 

               Rhythm guitar, keyboards, bass: Brian Brooks 

Cara Cara / Spanish Ladies (07:26) 

              Cara Cara: 

              Flamenco guitar: Jared Newman 

              Castanets (Cara Cara) Christina Collins 

              Spanish Ladies: 

              Vocals, acoustic guitars: Brian Brooks 

              Lead guitar: Caesar Pacifici 

              Concertina: Grey Larsen 

              Background vocals: Arthur Heckman, Steve Pollitt 

The Drunken Sailor (09:12) 

               Lead guitar: Caesar Pacifici 

               Piano, harmonium, rhythm guitars, bass: Brian Brooks 

Spencer the Rover (05:15) 

               Vocals, acoustic guitar: Brian Brooks 

               Electric guitar: Caesar Pacifici 

               Concertina: Grey Larsen 

Garret Barry's / Johnny's Wedding (05:39) 

               Lead guitars, rhythm guitar: Caesar Pacifici 

               Rhythm guitar, bouzouki, keyboards: Brian Brooks 

Jack Orion (09:50) 

               Vocals, rhythm guitar, keyboards, bass: Brian Brooks 

               Lead guitar: Caesar Pacifici 

               Banjo: Jack Laskey 

               Fiddle: Tony Fitzgibbon 

The Butterfly (04:55) 

               Acoustic & electric guitars, bodhran: Caesar Pacifici 

               Electric guitar: Angelo Pacifici 

               Whistle, piano, bass: Brian Brooks 

May You Never (05:31) 

               Music and lyrics by John Martyn 

               Vocals, acoustic guitar, bass, percussion: Brian Brooks 

               Lead guitars: Caesar Pacifici 


All tracks © arranged by Caesar Pacifici and Brian Brooks 

All tracks except Leaving Brittany mixed and mastered by Brian Brooks at Amity

     Grove Studios 

Leaving Brittany mixed by J. P. Hartmann, mastered by Brian Brooks 

Additional production by Caesar Pacifici 

Recorded in the USA, the UK and the Republic of Ireland 

Album design by Brian Brooks and Caesar Pacifici 

Cover drawing by Brian Brooks