Traditional Irish, Blues and Original Music


Caesar Pacifici and Brian Brooks met in New York City in the early 1970's and formed a folk/rock band called Banish Misfortune followed by a traditional acoustic band called The Flying Cloud. The main incarnation of the latter, featuring fiddle player Tony DeMarco and singer Dan Milner, played in legendary local haunts such as The Bells of Hell and The Eagle Tavern, toured nationally, and recorded for Adelphi records.  


After Flying Cloud days, Caesar moved from his home base in New York City to Eugene, Oregon, and now lives in Bloomington, Indiana. Brian went on to join folk groups An Rince, Shegui and The House Band, while living in Denmark, the Netherlands and Brazil before returning to Britain.   


On a trip to England in 2008, Caesar finally met up with Brian for the first time in 30 years. At the end of the visit Brian suggested a transatlantic recording project. It took another 8 years to clear the decks. Brian sent Caesar a guide track of traditional tune The Morning Dew with the idea of developing it musically. The blues found its way into the mix and a sound was born that brings together traditional Irish, blues, and original music from a lifetime of experiences.